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Cutting Jobs with Hitachi & PowerSmith Saws

Hitachi Circular Saw

The Hitachi C18DLP4 is a circular saw that offers a number of innovative features as well as steady and reliable performance. Offering full compatibility with other batteries in the Hitachi line of 18 V power tools, the Hitachi C18DLP4 is tremendously versatile and flexible.

Hitachi Circular Saw

And with a number of features that greatly increase its safety and comfort as well as enhance its performance, the Hitachi C18DLP4 is just as well suited to casual users as it is to more demanding cutting applications. The Hitachi C18DLP4 also comes at a relatively low price, further boosting its already impressive bang-for-the-buck performance.

The Hitachi C18DLP4 accommodates three types of batteries in the Hitachi line: the Li Ion, the NiCd and the NiMH 18v batteries. This gives you a far greater range of options in terms of powering your C18DLP4 compared to other circular saws in its class.

The Hitachi C18DLP4 features a uniquely designed left mounted 6 1/2 inch blade that provides a quick and easy way to change the blades safely. Unlike many other circular saws in this class, changing the battery and the blade is easy enough to perform even for most novice users.

Given the powerful performance and unique features of the C18DLP4, you will probably want to use it for extended periods. Thankfully, the unit also comes with soft elastomer grips that allow you to use it for long hours without any discomfort and user fatigue. And with the fan mechanism that ensures cool and controlled operation, you can definitely get a lot of mileage out of the C18DLP4 even on a single charge.

Numerous other useful touches are included as well, the most important of which help ensure the safety of the user. The Hitachi C18DLP4 comes with a powerful electric brake for instance, that can safely stop forward movement within seconds. The unit also has a useful as spotlight that helps improve visibility even during low light applications.

Product Details/Features

1. Full compatibility with Hitachi Lithium Ion, NiCd and NiMH batteries

2. Convenient left-mounted 6-1/2-inch blade allows for easy access

3. Powerful Electric brake

4. Built-in spotlight

5. Adjustable Bevel angle

Most customers were clearly satisfied with the overall performance and reliability of the C18DLP4. Most users have no trouble using the C18DLP4 for a wide range of different cutting jobs.

Nevertheless, there have been quite a few customers who expressed disappointment with the unit’s relatively low power. One user has since reported merely relegating the C18DLP4 to light sawing duties, using his more powerful tools for more demanding tasks. Needless to say, this user won’t be purchasing another Hitachi C18DLP4 anytime soon.

Not all the reviews were quite so negative, and one user did report favorable results using the C18DLP4 only occasionally on weekends. This customer particularly appreciated the fact that the unit takes Li batteries, which for him was a considerable improvement over older nickel cadmium battery packs. The same user also liked the built-in spotlight that allows him to line up the cutting marks more easily. For this user, the Hitachi C18DLP4 offers steady and reliable operation that is particularly suited for situations where a hand saw or an electric powered saw would be too difficult or impractical.

PowerSmith Circular Saw

The PowerSmith MLCS12C is a compact circular saw that provides reliable performance in a sleek and easy to use package. Because of its cordless design, the PowerSmith MLCS12C can be used in places where electrical circular saws simply aren’t practical. This design also means that you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up in power cables.

PowerSmith Circular Saw

The PowerSmith MLCS12C provides steady and reliable performance in an easy to use unit that most novice users and woodworkers would have no trouble with. Unlike many other circular saws in its category and price range, the PowerSmith MLCS12C can easily be used even with only one hand. This allows the user a greater degree of control and precision, making the PowerSmith MLCS12C is a perfect choice for simple to medium-complicated cutting jobs.

The MLCS12C is also a marvel of power saving efficiency, since it can be stored for up to 18 months on a single charge. This is also enough to ensure hours and hours of continued use, and you can definitely get a lot done with the MLCS12C before you would have to charge the battery again.

Product Details/Features

1. 4-Inch carbide tip blade

2. Easily adjustable cutting depth and bevel

3. Spindle lock allows for easy blade replacement

4. Powerful 4800 RPM motor

5. Allows you to cut 1-3/64-Inch at 90° and 19/32-Inch at 45°

6. Strong and durable carbide tipped blade

7. Upper saw guard constructed out of magnesium alloy

8. Rubber inserts on control surfaces

Although there are relatively few customer reviews of the PowerSmith MLCS12C on the Internet, the ones that are out there seemed consistently positive, with only a few minor criticisms here and there. The few negative points about the MLCS12C mainly speak of its somewhat lightweight and flimsy construction, which doesn’t particularly inspire confidence. Nevertheless, most customers seemed pleased with the light weight of the unit, which allows it to be used comfortably for hours and hours with little to no user fatigue.

Based on user reviews of the MLCS12C , it appears to be more suited for light and fine cutting jobs wherein a larger circular saw would be impractical. Most users report having purchased a PowerSmith MLCS12C in order to have a smaller and more convenient saw for less demanding applications. In fact, several users report using the MLCS12C more often than their heavier and more expensive power tools, citing its versatility, compactness, and portability as some of it’s more attractive features.

One user did report being fairly disappointed in the less than robust construction of the MLCS12C, which somehow does not have the comfortable heft and feel of a higher priced unit. Although the unit in question remains operational after several weeks of use, this user does not expect it to last very long.

Nevertheless, the extreme lightweight and compact nature of the unit is enough to make many users overlooked it slightly flimsy construction, particularly given its low cost. With all the innovative features and fairly satisfactory performance that the PowerSmith MLCS12C can provide, most users would have no trouble using it as a low-cost alternative that is ideally suited for simple tasks that a larger circular saw would be overkill for.

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